How To Double Your Sales Fast & Become World Class

It was Albert Einstein who is credited with saying ‘The definition of insanity is to carry on doing things the way you have always done them and expect to get different results’. So if you carry on selling the way you have always sold before, the best you can expect are the same results – but more likely worse results in the current economic climate.

If you really want to increase your sales significantly and even Double Your Sales, you need to learn new selling skills and maybe even have a refresher on some of the fundamentals too. And here is your opportunity to learn from Bruce King, one of the World’s top sales coaches…

How To Double Your Sales Fast & Become World Class

This powerful 10 audio mp3 program plus Workshop Manual will teach you how to Double Your Sales – Fast! and achieve more in any area of your business and personal life. The total playing time approximately 6 hours.


Listen and learn:


  • Learn on your way to and from work
  • Learn between meetings
  • Learn in your breaks
  • And especially last thing at night before you go to sleep

The skills and techniques taught in ‘How To Double Your Sales Fast & Become World-Class’ cover every aspect of the sales process. This is the most comprehensive sales training and motivational program ever produced. It’s just like having Bruce King as your own personal sales training and motivational coach as you listen to the mp3s, work your way through the exercises in the Workshop Manual and tailor the material to your own products and services.

The material presented in this program is the same material Bruce King presents at his two-day ‘How To Double Your Sales Fast & Become World-Class’ Boot Camp which would require you to invest £950 to attend. And it’s possibly even better because of the way that Bruce would like you to use this program. Here’s a message from Bruce:

“Hello – I’m Bruce King and here’s how I’d like you to work your way through this program and why… 

This first MP3 in the program is titled ‘Train Your Brain To Win The Game. You’ll be taught some simple mental exercises, which, for maximum effect, you need to do every day for at least the next few weeks, together with some other straightforward and essential activities. These exercises will take up only a few minutes of your time each day , and will be even more effective when you use the FREE Visualization track that comes with the program. You just sit back in a comfortable chair and I talk you through the visualisation process. It really will train your subconscious mind for amazing success. 

From then on, the rest of the program will focus on the practical techniques you need to learn in order for you to double your sales – fast.

I’d like you to listen to only one of the MP3s every week, several times and preferably every day. Real learning can only take place and habits can only be changed a step at a time.

Carry out the relevant workbook exercises as you come to them on the mp3 or as soon after as is convenient for you and incorporate everything I teach you into your normal working day. In other words, don’t just listen to it – do it! If you keep to this format, I know it will work for you because it’s worked for thousands of others before you.

Below is detailed information on the content of each MP3.



  • An introduction to Psycho Dynamic Programming & The GAVA Process
  • How the human brain works
  • How to set and achieve extraordinary Goals – the G in the GAVA Process
  • Creating and applying Power Affirmations – the first A in the GAVA Process
  • The Power of Visualization – the effects it has on you and others – the V in the GAVA Process
  • How to use Visualization to achieve your Goals
  • Five other techniques to train your brain to double your sales fast.
  • How to handle fear and rejection so you’re never fearful again and never feel rejected.
  • Techniques you can apply so you can take total responsibility for yourself and achieve anything and everything you want in life.
  • Workbook exercises

MP3 2: Time Management & Why People Buy 

  • Three of the most powerful time management techniques which will double your selling time whilst working less hours.
  • The real definitions of selling
  • Why Features and Benefits don’t sell
  • The Emotional reasons that make people want to buy
  • The psychology of selling
  • Workbook exercises

MP3 2: Cold Calling – Telesales & Appointment setting 

  • Why you get rejected and how to stop it happening
  • Essential equipment for successful cold calling
  • Monitoring your results for continuous improvement
  • Researching the prospect and their business sectors
  • Scripts – why you need them – for just a while, and how to construct them to gain immediate attention
  • How to ensure you always get a positive result from a call
  • How NOT to start a conversation
  • Questions to ask that make the prospect want to speak with you.
  • Six positive ways to open a conversation that get the prospect wanting to know more
  • Turning a sales pitch into a personal conversation that gets results
  • How to work through the Gatekeepers
  • Dealing with Voicemail
  • Workbook exercises

MP3 4: Referral Prospecting 

  • Why referrals are the key to sales success
  • How to ask for referrals and get them every time
  • Creating the perfect referral request
  • When to ask for referrals – it’s NOT only after the sale is made!
  • How to encourage ongoing referrals from your customers
  • Getting referrals from your suppliers
  • Bruce King’s 10 referral rules
  • How to Network for maximum results
  • Creating your Elevator Pitches
  • When and when not to use an elevator pitch
  • Why you must NEVER use an elevator pitch when networking
  • Why you should never offer your business card and how to make sure you’re asked for it – and get remembered
  • Why you must form your own Master Mind Group and how to do it
  • Workbook exercises

MP3 5: Improving Your Communication Skills 

  • How we communicate and why it can so often go wrong
  • The three ways we communicate
  • How to establish immediate rapport
  • The three dominant communication modes
  • How to know your prospect’s dominant communication mode and how to use this knowledge to influence your prospects to buy
  • Power words and Weak words
  • Workbook exercises

MP3 6: The Ultimate Selling System 

  • The hard sell and consultative selling – the upside and the downsides of consultative selling
  • Why you must have a selling system
  • Bruce King’s 9 step Ultimate Selling System
  • The initial contact and how to establish rapport fast
  • How to set an Agenda that puts you in control of the sales process
  • How to get an agreement to do business on your terms and eliminate ‘I want to think it over’
  • How to establish the buyers authority and the buying process
  • How to get the prospect to see things from your point of view using Facts Questions to paint a picture
  • How to use Issue Questions to expose pain and opportunities
  • When and how to use Features and Benefits effectively
  • Workbook exercises

MP3 7: Handling Objections & Negotiating Skills 

  • The three types of sales objections and how to handle them
  • The 8 rules you simply must follow for handling sales objections
  • Dealing with ‘I have to discuss it with’
  • Dealing with ‘I want to think about it’
  • How to become a pro-negotiator when buying – and save yourself a fortune.
  • Eleven key strategies for negotiating to win sales
  • Dealing with Price Objections and negotiating the best price
  • Workbook exercises

MP3 8: Closing The Sale & The 3 Keys Sales Success 

  • Thirteen of Bruce King’s best closing techniques
  • The 3 keys to becoming world class at selling
  • Workbook exercises

PDF 9 The Workbook for How To Double Your Sales Fast and a complete transcript of all MP3s

MP3 10 Train Your Brain To Win The Game – Any Game You Want! 

  • Just close your eyes and listen as Bruce talks you through the Visualisation Exercises.



131 Inspiring Thoughts – To Light Up Your Day & Light Up Your Life – Load this eBook on to your computer, iPad or other mobile device and whenever you need inspiration – turn to any page at random.

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Double Your Sales Fast & Become World Class


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