How to engage people fast when selling…

Do you prospect or sell (B2B or B2C) in a retail environment, a store or showroom, on an exhibition stand, or indeed anywhere else where you have to grab somebody’s attention and create an instant interest in your product or service before they move on?

As many of my regular subscribers know, I consider my conference speaking, sales training and coaching services a vocation rather than a business. So as someone who advises and coaches business owners and senior execs within businesses, I also always own and run another business. Aside from the financial incentives of doing so, I believe it’s essential for me to continuously experience every aspect of running a business so I can coach most effectively.

That brings me on to the topic of engagement in sales.

My new business which we conceived and started in January this year sells to the B2C and B2B market (see The Indoor Botanist).

I have been attending some of the gift fairs (B2C) and business exhibitions (B2B), working with my little team and working out the best approach for engaging potential customers when they give us even just half a glance.

It is working brilliantly and with a change of questions, maybe this could work for you too.

When we get that glance, and our display is hard to ignore, I / we say the following:

“Most people have one or more of three questions when they see these – Are they real? What type of plants are they? And do they need a lot of looking after?

 Which ones would you like an answer to?”

Almost without exception they want an answer to at least one of them, and we are in discussion and ENGAGED.

Could that work for you?

It sure as heck beats – ‘can I help you?’ or ‘how can I help you?’



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