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Bruce King

Regular readers of my newsletter and books know I like to keep things simple. So here are just three simple strategies to help you get more sales in August – Fast, and indeed for the rest of the year.

Ask for referrals: Set aside between thirty minutes and one hour every day to call existing customers, previous customers you no longer do business with and those you failed to do business with – solely for the purpose of asking for referrals.

If you are not certain how to do this effectively and get positive results from those calls and calls to those referrals, click here. Some of my students get up to 24 referrals from a contact when they call them, see the proof here.

Make Cold Calls: In spite of the fact that many so called sales gurus will tell you that cold calling does not work any more, according to some recent research, 80% of all new business still starts with a cold call. So set aside one hour a day, every day to make some cold calls to highly targeted, perfect prospects for the purpose of introducing yourself and setting an appointment to see them.

Again, if you are not certain how to do this effectively, read the definitive work on everything you need to know to be successful at cold calling, tele-sales and appointment setting – click here for more information.

If you are not yet starting your selling day the most amazing way – it is time to start …

Check out my previous blog on the subject here.

Just do these three simple things and I guarantee you will increase your sales fast.

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