How to grab a prospect’s attention

According to some recent research I read, the average executive receives at least 247 emails a day.

Therefore if you are prospecting for new business, and sending a cold email to introduce yourself and your product or service, even if it does go into the Inbox rather than the Junk / Spam folder, there’s not really much chance your email will be read.

To complicate matters further, many execs have their PAs sort through their emails, and they are almost certain to delete yours, no matter how clever or intriguing your subject line.

Before I give you the solution to this dilemma, let me explain what I consider to be a good prospect, and what is not.

Starting with a poor prospect; poor prospects are people you know little or nothing about, and have no idea whether your product or service could be of any use to them or their company at all. They are nothing more than a vague guess.

Add to that, if what you are selling is low cost and low profit, then you almost certainly do not have the time or money to invest in the approach I am going to suggest.

A good prospect is someone you know quite a lot about, is likely to be a decision maker or at least a significant influencer to the decision maker/s, and based on your prior research, is likely to have a need for your product or service. They are your Perfect Prospect and will give you sufficient profit on a sale to warrant investing a little more time researching them so you can tailor your approach to them, and make it relevant and even personal.

That’s the background bit over! The solution to the email dilemma is simple, 

Do NOT send them an email!

Either send them a letter


Pick up the telephone and make a well-crafted cold call,

Most of your prospects get very few letters nowadays. A neatly handwritten envelope marked Private & Confidential is almost certain to get opened by them (not their PA).

Of course, it has to be a brilliantly crafted letter, and if you are not an expert at direct mail, I strongly suggest you get a copy of Drayton Bird’s book titled HOW TO WRITE SALES LETTERS THAT SELL.  Get it here on Amazon. It’s brilliant and you will learn so much!

When it comes to cold calling, even many of the best salespeople I have worked with are not very good at it.

If you are not certain you will get put through to your prospect, and get to have a conversation with them, grab a copy of my book titled Cold Calling Made Easy here. It contains everything you need to know to be successful at cold calling.



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