How to identify your prospect’s PAIN when selling…

If you have read any of my books or attended my sales master classes, you will know that my one of my several favourite definitions of selling is:

Exposing companies or individuals to problems (the PAINS), some of which they maybe never knew they had, showing them how your idea, product or service can help them solve the problem/s and helping them to buy.

Last week I had an email from a newsletter subscriber in which she said:

‘Bruce, I’m having a problem exposing my customer’s pains. I usually start ‘investigating’ with a question like – How is business then?

The answer is usually ‘OK’ or ‘Great’. It seems like nobody wants to admit they have any problems. What do you suggest please?’

My response:

‘You are asking the wrong question Jane. Most people are too busy nowadays to fluff about talking generalities, so get straight to the point and ask for the information you want. Here are just two examples of what I say when speaking with a prospect.  I almost always get an honest answer, which opens up a conversation to discuss their problem/s, my solutions etc…

“So please tell me (name), what are the biggest challenges or issues you are facing right now with your sales team?”

“So please tell me (name), what are the biggest challenges or issues you are having generating a sufficient stream of new business enquiries. What’s working and what is not?”

Now write down the direct questions you will be asking in the future that are relevant to your product or service.’

Should be doing that too ?


Bruce King

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