Is the glass half full?

Here’s a twist on the ‘Is the glass half full or half empty?’ question which I really enjoyed.

I’m sure you have heard the question posed before. The audience or the individual is shown a glass half full of water and asked – “Is the glass half full or half empty?” And as you know, the motivated and positive people say ‘half full’ and the non –positive people say ‘half empty’. Those are the only responses I’ve heard until recently.

The story goes that someone down on their luck and desperately seeking a job was shown the glass and asked that question at an interview. His response, delivered in a very excited and forthright manner went as follows:

“Doesn’t matter whether it’s half full or half empty – it still has the same amount of liquid in it. I want a much bigger glass and I want if full to the top!!”

He got the job.

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