Many salespeople’s biggest mistake…

So many salespeople skip from one sales role to another every 12 – 18 months, and often much sooner.  I frequently see this when scanning through the multitude of CVS salespeople send me in response to a new sales opportunity I’m offering.

Some have been doing it for thirty years and more.

They do this because they don’t like the challenges of their new position and are constantly keeping their eyes open new and easier opportunities.

There rarely if ever are.

I’ve had many sales positions in my 35+ years sales career. Most were extremely difficult to start with and it would have been very easy to quit. But I always took the view that if others could make a success of it, even only one other in that organisation, so could I.

These are the rules I set for myself:

 Make a commitment

When you first take on a new sales position with the opportunity to earn what you believe you are worth, commit to a time deadline. I’d suggest an absolute minimum of two years before you even think of moving on.

When you make that commitment and when the going gets tough, which it most certainly will, and it becomes easy to justify quitting, remind yourself of that time commitment and the reasons you took on the role in the first place.

 Accept that there will be challenges

All new roles have new challenges. Every one can be overcome, but it takes time and usually a great deal of effort before it gets easier.

However painful and discouraging those challenges may be, and particularly in those moment of doubt when you feel discouraged and question ‘why the hell am I doing this’, accept this as part of the process, and see those difficult moments as learning opportunities instead of reasons to give up.

And finally – don’t ever think of quitting before that time commitment is up or you probably always will

As the old saying goes – ‘the only losers are the quitters.’

The world is littered with poorly paid or unpaid salespeople who still think there’s a better opportunity – somewhere. Do not be one of them. You will live to regret it.

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