More ‘Blow Their Socks Off’ Referral Strategies

Bruce King

More on ‘Blow Their Socks Off’ Referral Strategies

blow their socks offThe ‘Blow Their Socks Off’ technique is something you do for a customer or client that is so impressive that they cannot help but tell other people just how great you are. I first wrote about this on my BLOG in September last year. If you missed it, it’s a great read and a fantastic example. View it here.

Here is another ‘Blow Their Socks Off’ technique I experienced which, again made me want to tell people about and which is why I am telling you. You may be able to use it too.

I was attending a meeting at a large telemarketing company who wanted me to carry out some coaching for them.  They had stylish offices in central London and the reception area was very tastefully decorated.

On my first visit, the receptionist asked me to take a seat and asked if I would like tea or coffee. I asked for coffee and then she asked if it would be black or white and would I like sugar? I replied white – no sugar please. She then asked if I would like a glass of water and when I said I would, she asked if that would be sparkling or still. My coffee was brought to me a few moments later in a very nice china cup and saucer, with a glass of still water and a plate of very fine biscuits.

Of course there is nothing remarkable about any of that. However, the second time I visited their offices for another meeting several weeks later, another receptionist greeted me. She asked me to take a seat and said: “Mr. King, would you like the same as your last visit, white coffee, no sugar and a glass of still water?’

That blew my socks off! The fact that they went to the bother of recording what their visitors drank spoke volumes about their care and attention to detail and no doubt inspired many of their clients and potential clients  to use them and refer them to others. I certainly have and I have told this story many times since.

What can you do to ‘blow their socks off’ and generate more referrals without even having to ask for them?

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