More for eMailoholics (and even if you are not one)…

In last week’s BLOG I asked  ‘Are you an eMailoholic?’ (read it here:

Taking this one stage further and to help you generate more business from your email communications – here’s another important sales tip that has helped many of my coaching clients increase their business significantly. It is this…

Do not always respond to emails with an email!  Instead – pick up the telephone and call them!

To highlight just how important this can be, here are two examples of how picking up the telephone helped me to do a lot more business than I might have otherwise.

Example 1

I recently received an email which said:

 Dear Bruce – thank you for the sales training session you conducted for us at two weeks ago. I am pleased to say that several of the team have increased their sales by more than 50%  since then. I’ll be in touch later in the year, probably around September.

Regards   XXXXXX

I could have responded with a note thanking them for thanking me, and saying I was looking forward to hearing from them later in the year. Instead I picked up the telephone and had a conversation. I asked several questions including (but not exclusively):

  • What were the most important points the team learned?
  • Which had the biggest impact on their sales so far?
  • What else that we covered in the session should they be implementing that they have not done yet?
  • Do you think they need more coaching on that / those particular subjects?
  • What other companies do you have contact with who may also be experiencing a challenge with the sales team meeting their targets?
  • Would you mind very much introducing me to them?

The result of that conversation was that we brought forward the next training session five months to May and I also received referrals to two other companies, one of which has already booked me.

Example 2

I received an email from an events organiser requesting a copy of my e brochure on keynote conference speaking, how much I would charge for my presentation and if I was available on a specified date. 

I could have responded by email but experience has taught me that just supplying the information as requested does not get me the work as often as I would like. Generally speaking the first thing they look at is the price and make a decision based on that – and often I am way more expensive than the several other speakers they have probably approached. Instead I picked up the telephone. It took me three calls before I could get to speak with the sender and then we had a conversation.  I asked several questions including (but not exclusively)

  • How many people will be attending?
  • What does your client want to achieve as a result of the conference and particularly as a result of my presentation?
  • Will it be possible to speak with them before you or they make a decision so I can run through the content of my standard keynote speeches and discuss tailoring one to the specific outcomes they would like to achieve?

The result of that conversation was that I did get to speak with the organiser’s client and I did get the booking, even though the price I quoted was fifty per cent higher than the other two people on the speakers shortlist.

My advice to you is to consider each email you receive carefully and ask yourself whether or not picking up the telephone and having a conversation would enhance the relationship, create other opportunities in the future and maybe turn the conversation into a sales opportunity.


Bruce King

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