Muhammed Ali and Sales…

Most people read this blog because they want to become world-class at sales.

So what has Muhammad Ali got to do with that?

I am not a fan of boxing. The sight of two men (or women) beating each other into a bloodied mess never appealed to me and the first and only time I attended a boxing match in person was a quite sickening experience.

But I cannot help but admire the many months and sometimes years of preparation and training that goes into what is sometimes just a few minutes of a world-class world championship boxing match.

aliMuhammad Ali is one of my super heroes for various reasons, not least of all his admission and often-repeated quote:

“ I NEVER looked forward to my 10 mile morning runs and I never enjoyed them. BUT I LOVED the idea of becoming world champion.”

Is there anything you need to practice at every day in order to become world class at sales or indeed anything else?

If you need help, there is plenty of help here:


Bruce King

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