Natasha’s story…

I don’t think I have told you about Natasha. Her story is an inspiring and powerful lesson for us all…

Natasha is my youngest daughter – now age 32, and living in Manhattan, New York City. Here is a very brief bio to set the scene…

  • Earned a degree in Spatial Design (Interior Design) at Central St Martins, London.
  • Worked for no pay or little pay as an intern with several top UK magazines for about 3 years.
  • Eventually got full time, paid employment with Living etc, a top UK magazine, researching and designing magazine pages and where she stayed for a few years.
  • Went to visit her elder sister in New York and arranged meetings with several agencies to see if she could get better paid work there. Most of the agencies loved her portfolio and her style of work and one offered to sponsor herb USA work visa and represent her.
  • Three years later she was one of the most sought after freelance prop stylists in the USA. She designs sets for photo shoots for magazines, catalogues, TV programs and travels the USA working for some of the biggest household names (heard of Oprah?).

Bottom line – she’s a huge success and I am very proud of her. You can see some of her work and get some great ideas on room design on her agent’s website here:

BUT here’s the thing – the lesson I mentioned  earlier…

Her large bedroom at our home in the UK has bookshelves along two walls which are stacked with, at a quick count, over two thousand books and trade / style magazines – filed rather like a library.  I know she has read every one of them and like me, she remembers most if not all she reads.

She is so successful because KNOWLEDGE IS POWER.

The late, great Jim Rohn, one of my mentors, put this lesson rather more succinctly (and indelicately). He said: ‘Unsuccessful people have the biggest TV screens. Successful people have the biggest libraries.’

Should you be reading more and putting what you learn into action?

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