Nobody ever made any money or achieved anything in their lives or careers by saying NO to something.

Of course you may have saved yourself time and money on many occasions – but you never MADE any money by saying NO.

Here are some (of many) things you should almost always say YES to…

Say YES to an offer of help
As much as we may think we might, none of us know everything and can handle everything immediately and perfectly.  When help is offered, accept a little assistance graciously, especially from your subordinates. They are often a lot smarter than we maybe give them credit for, and accepting their help, helps them to grow.

Say YES to invitations to networking events 
Business is very much about relationships. When you build your network, you build your business, and you just never who you are going to meet at a networking event.

The challenge is that many people do not know how to network effectively, so even if you think you do, Google the subject for some very helpful additional advice.

My number one rule on networking is simply this: Be a source of positive energy and influence when you meet others, and be as likable and as helpful as you can possibly be. You don’t have to be an extrovert to build a powerful network, but you can’t sit on the side-lines either.

Say YES to a potentially lucrative opportunity that can grow your business 
Say YES if you can see the potential value, even if you do not yet have a clue how to exploit it. If it is as good as it appears to be, you can soon learn, by yourself and from others.


If you are in sales yourself, or are responsible for a sales team, Number One on the list should be saying YES to a demonstration of iZONEN if you have not already done so.

iZONEN is the unique, online sales coaching platform with over 160 brief and powerful coaching videos, plus other unique content, currently used for a few minutes daily by over 23,000 salespeople to increase their sales.

Saying YES to a demo of iZONEN is NEVER a waste of time, even if you choose not to subscribe.  During the demo you will learn some very useful strategies for dealing with your own or your team’s biggest challenges. Check it out at

In summary, YES is a tiny word that can create BIG things in your life and career.


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