Overcoming fear in sales and every other area of your life

Many years ago, when I was working full time in sales, I was driving past a large office block which had the name ‘Rogers & Associates – Accountants’ on the face of the building in large letters. At the time, I was selling accounting systems for accountants and their clients and my first reaction was to stop and call in to introduce myself. Then fear set in. The little voice in my head was recalling past times when I had dropped in without an appointment and had been rejected, or had the opportunity to show them what I was selling and was told it was of no interest. I imagined how it would all be a waste of time. As a result of those thoughts, I kept driving. However, after a few hundred yards I put the brake on my thoughts, turned the car around, drove back and dropped in. It transpired that the senior partner was an old college friend of mine. We had coffee, caught up on old times and, to cut a long story short, a few weeks later I received an order that earned me a very significant commission on that sale.

The truth of the matter is that most of the things we fear are just in our imagination. According to some psychologists ‘FEAR’ stands for Fantasized Experiences Appearing Real. In other words, the experiences we imagine may happen or they may not happen, but by imaging that they will, we create fear.  If you don’t believe me, take out half an hour and list as many situations as you can think of when you were scared of what might happen if you did something – but you did it just the same. Then place a tick against those situations where what you feared would happen, did happen. I’m betting there are going to be very few ticks!

Sometimes we choose to face fear head on and we are exhilarated by it and love the experience. Other times we allow it to freeze us into inactivity.

Did you ever go on one of those real scary roller coaster rides? You were possibly petrified when you were queuing for the ride and as the coaster started to move off – but you went anyway!

Do you snow ski? Do you ever get scared when approaching a new and slightly more dangerous run than you are used to? I know you probably do and I know that most times, if not always, you choose to ski it anyway.

How you deal with fear is a choice. So why not always choose to be excited and exhilarated by it and face it head on and with head held high?

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