People buy from people, so…

Don’t make this mistake…

It is almost certain that before contacting you or responding to an initial approach from you, prospective customers or clients are going to check out your company and / or you on your website and other places such as Linked In, Facebook etc. According to all the research I have seen, they will almost always look for a picture of you – the person they are likely to be dealing with. It is a critically important factor in their decision making process.  A poor picture is likely to put them off – a good picture can inspire them to make contact – because people buy from people.

I’ve seen many websites with no individual or team pictures, many with very poor pictures and only a few with pictures that really convey  what people should be putting across to prospects to motivate them to make contact or respond to you. Do you have really professional photographs of yourself and your team on your website and social media pages? If not and you think those on my website are a better quality, I’m happy to recommend you to my London based photographers. They are not expensive and really know how to take a great photograph that will work for you.

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