Sales Consultant OR Sales Doctor?

sales doctorConsultative selling has been the sales methodology of choice for very many years, but in spite of that…

Sales ‘Consultants’ still frequently encounter two common objections or stalls which are….

“I want to think it over”

and / or

“I need a discount to place an order”, or words to that effect.

The challenge is that the more it happens, the more you expect it to happen and the more you expect something to happen, the more likely it is to happen. It is almost like you have a neon sign on your forehead, which says ‘tell me you want to think it over’ or ‘ask me for a discount’.

I believe one of the other challenges salespeople face is that the term ‘Sales Consultant’ has become so overused and therefore less meaningful over the years. So think about this…

When you last went to see your Doctor with a medical problem, you described your symptoms to him or her. They asked you several more questions, maybe carried out an examination and then recommended a course of medication, which would solve your problem and they wrote out a prescription.

Did you say “I’ll think about it” and / or “I need a discount on my prescription”?

Of course you did not. So maybe instead of thinking of yourself as a Sales Consultant, from now on think of yourself as a Sales Doctor and do not expect to hear those two objections or stalls again.

Trust me – it works. I’m a Sales Doctor.

PS: If you still struggle dealing with those two common objections or stalls, how to respond and overcome them easily is dealt with in all my training materials here.


Bruce King

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