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A personal note from Bruce King…

The bad news, if you choose to call it that, is I’ve never sailed across any large stretch of water single handed, or even with a crew. I’ve never climbed up or fallen off Mount Everest or Kilimanjaro and I’ve never won or lost playing for my country in any major sporting event, or even a minor one.  And I’m definitely not a stand up comedian!

So if that’s what you are looking for, it’s probably best you skip this page.

On the other hand, when I was a sales director, hiring speakers for a conference for my salespeople and the support teams, I never really thought any of those skills or achievements were relevant anyway.

My only real claim to fame –  what I know I do so well because people tell me I do (see testimonials below) is to show salespeople and business people involved in the sales process, many simple yet deadly effective strategies which help them to increase their confidence, motivation, self belief and selling skills massively.

The warm glow of inspiration and motivation generated in the audience usually lasts a lot longer than twenty minutes after I go offstage, and is often permanent. And they do get to have an occasional chuckle too!

Sales conference speaking that delivers results

Bruce King speaks at conferences around the world and can deliver anything from an inspiring, content-rich twenty-minute keynote to an entire one-day event. As an example of the latter, his one-day conference at the Institute of Directors in London has been their best selling conference for the last fifteen years.

Conferences are expensive to put on and it’s Bruce’s view that there is no point in organising one just for the sake of it. A conference should deliver results and a return on investment. Here is what Bruce can do for you to ensure your conference is a great success and delivers results.

The Pre-briefing

Explain to Bruce the precise aims of your conference and he will create a presentation tailored to your company’s product or services and to achieve those aims.

In addition, and to get the audience excited and looking forward to the event, if required he can help you prepare some pre-event material relating to his presentation and even the entire event.


Bruce’s presentation will always incorporate powerful learning points but he does not want delegates taking notes at the time. He therefore prepares detailed handouts for your company’s internal website or for printed handouts. By doing so, delegates have ongoing access to all the key points delivered during the presentation.

Bruce is also keen to ensure the delegates take action after the conference and can work with your colleagues to ensure they have a methodology in place to ensure delegates incorporate what they learn into daily practice.

Coaching other presenters

We’ve all sat through the occasional boring presentation by company personnel who have to deliver important information relevant to the aims of the conference, but lack the skills to do so effectively.

Bruce can also coach your other presenters to develop powerful presentations that keep the audience interested and motivated throughout the day.

For availability and more detailed information, contact Bruce.

Bruce King’s most requested Keynote / Presentation Topics…

74% of Salespeople SUCK – the grave news and the great news

Nobody has ever challenged your sales team quite like this – and with such extraordinary results.

Bruce needs a minimum of twenty minutes to present this one strategy to your sales team, which will enable them to increase their sales massively.

He has another 87 strategies to share with them, all equally as effective. So the longer you can give him, the more your people will rise to the challenge and increase their sales.

How To Double Your Sales

And definitely not just a catchy title – what he presents, when put into practice, can definitely help the delegates increase their sales massively. The more time Bruce has, the more great sales tips and strategies he can present.

How To Become 5x More Successful In One Hour (no matter what you do for a living)

Bruce has taught this strategy to thousands of delegates, and those who put what he teaches into practice report astonishing results.

How To Unleash The Power Of Your Mind

Bruce’s favorite topic; based on his premise that most people have not even scratched the surface of what they are really capable of. Powerful mental strategies with audience participation and absolute proof that what he teaches works. The audience will be amazed, convinced and ready to put what they learn into practice.

Why We Still Have To Close Sales and 12 Ways To Close Them 

Because most buyers need a gentle nudge to get them to make a buying decision. Bruce still calls it Closing Sales and shows you 12 powerful strategies to get you a ‘YES’!.

Everyone In Business Is In Sales – Selling Made Easy

A perfect presentation for professional service providers and anyone who has to generate new business or support the sales process as part of their overall responsibilities.


Fees are from £4,000 for a Keynote Presentation in the Greater London area and increase depending upon the location, the duration of the event and any other additional support services required.

You deliver your message in a calm and objective way that really makes the audience involved. You are amazing and brilliant! Thanks for three great sessions in Sweden. You say things that I know work in real life. Because I've tried. You really blew our socks off!

Joakim Sundell

Vice President, Soderpalm Publishing

Bruce King really aggravates me because he delivers Sales Magic and dares to call it common sense.! You will want to implement all his strategies and he makes that process so easy. So treat yourself to a dollop of Bruce’s common sense.

John Donnelly

Past Vice president of The Institute of Directors

Thanks so much for your three presentations at The Goldsmiths annual conference and for being as brilliant - and inspirational - as ever!


Katalyst Conferences

That was the best sales conference we have ever run, and even more remarkable as this is the first time we have had an English speaking presenter speak at an event.

Christer Englus MD

Yurekli Instanbul, Turkey

The Minister for Commerce has asked me to thank you kindly for your wonderfully inspiring presentation. Those leaders who attended now have more dedication, commitment and motivation to building Bangalore into the City of Technology it plans to be.

Ramin Patel

City 2000 Conferences Bangalore, India

It was a sheer joy to watch you work yesterday. The attendees will achieve many more of their business goals as a result and I hope you will repeat the conference again later in the year.

Jennifer Jenkins

Institute of Directors

Bruce, your performance at the Konsertheus in Stockholm was brilliant. You were not only number one - you were number one in the world!

NXT Information Quality Stockholm, Sweden

This is the second time we have booked Bruce King for our Best Speaker conferences, this time in both Gothenburg and Stockholm. The audiences just love him!

Bestsellers, Sweden

Thank you so much for your motivational and inspiring presentation in Oslo, we received exclusively positive feedback from our clients. We would recommend you to anyone who wants results from a professional speaker.

Publicom, Norway

Having worked personally with Bruce on several occasions, witnessing how he can inspire a group of business owners to sit up, take notice and then get into action on their sales strategy I can tell you he is awesome and a master of his trade. Bruce's delivery is highly focused funny and dynamically charged. His knowledge and experience second to none. With 25 years corporate experience in sales myself, I have seen just about every sales guru and keynote in the business. Bruce is the cream of the cream. If you want to really grow your revenue then call Bruce and let him show you how! Alternatively you always can just sit and wait for the clients to find you! May take a while though. I know what I would do.

Jon Boys

Lyoness UK Ltd

We invited Bruce to speak at our annual global sales kickoff. We were looking not so much for a motivational speaker, more for someone who would challenge the sales executives to take a different approach to achieving their targets. Bruce insisted on a thorough briefing about the company and the challenges it was facing and was in turn asked by us to ensure his presentation content and style of delivery would be consistent with the needs of an international and therefore culturally diverse audience. The feedback received was that Bruce engaged them both with his material and rather unexpected style of delivery. Much of his content necessarily reminded them not only of some of the fundamentals of selling which over time it appears people forget but also of mind techniques such as visualisation and positive reinforcement which was new to the majority.

Trevor Salomon DIRECTOR

Corporate Marketing I IFS International

Testimonials from Conference Delegates

I first met Bruce when he ran a Sales Masterclass at the Institute of Directors in London.  I have been in sales and management for many years but the course that Bruce ran was really inspirational and thought provoking. 

Running a large team of key account, regional, field sales and classified sales people for a large regional multimedia group, when the time came to launch a new sales approach to the team, the first person I called was Bruce. He worked hard with me to understand the nuances of our business and offered lots of useful advice – in person, by phone and by Skype!

On the launch day, Bruce delivered a fantastic 90 minute motivational and educational presentation to the assembled team and the wider business.  Feedback was overwhelmingly positive with over 88% of delegates rating his presentation as either excellent or very good!

I know that the investment in Bruce’s expertise and knowledge will be worth it, we’re already seeing results and people are quoting part of his presentation to each other !  I would wholeheartedly recommend him to help you in driving high performance from your sales team.

Neil Webster

Sales Director, KM Media Group

‘I attended your conference at the IOD with four of my sales team. Every one of these has more than doubled their sales within three months. That’s what I call a result. Many thanks.

Lorraine Farmer

Best sales training workshop I have ever attended in my entire 26 year career. Thank you so much Bruce.

David Price

In the week or so since your conference I have managed to increase my number of sales calls by asking for referrals at the initial point of contact. I have also visualised and imagined two of my prospects who had appeared to have gone cold contacting me to make an order – and they have!

Colin Shove

Salon Sales Solutions Ltd

How to Double your Sales was an inspiring combination of high quality sales techniques and powerful alternative angles. I have already put several of Bruce’s ideas into practice and found them powerful allies in the pursuit of greater success.

Peter Lane

Sussex Innovation Centre

I was mightily impressed with your seminar at the IoD recently and am working with the sales team that accompanied me to integrate everything into our business

Peter Dowell


I attended one of your courses around five months ago and shortly after the course I set myself four personal objectives over a three year period. I also adopted several other techniques from the course and also go through the course CD a few times per week. Thought you might like to know that I achieved goal number one last week! Unbelievable but true.

Grant Taylor

I really found the workshop last week you ran for the IOD very helpful - sales are heading in the right direction already toward double!

Mark Hatcliffe Head of Customer Service Barclays


I just wanted to thank you for an extremely informative and interesting day. I came to your seminar with an open mind and left with so much more. Not only has the information you passed on instantly helped me within my sales techniques, it has also help me identify some personal priorities that I need to address before I become successful and deliver over and above my set targets within our business. Inspirational may be a statement but I do have a vision where I see myself but until yesterday did not really know how I was going to achieve it. I will let you know when I do!!

Kevin Laughton New Business Development Director

Watt Gilchrist

I am more motivated than I have been in months and have seen a dramatic increase in sales.

Lisa Alexander

GMX Communications

Thank you very much for such an empowering session with you at the IoD yesterday. The boost of confidence and positive energy was what we all needed. I find your seminar truly inspiring and that is why I came to listen to you one more time. Also the way you perform and your strong attitude is something to learn from Bruce and is the key to success too. No wonder you've got so many fans.

Jo Kozicki - Managing Director

Von Meissen Ltd

I found your double your sales in 6 weeks very inspirational and putting some of it into practice since Wednesday I have brought in 15 % of my yearly target since your course (that’s in 2 days!) so thank you.

Martin Hembling

Swiftclean Ltd

I found the seminar informative, but mainly very inspiring. I guess it is not what you know but what you DO that makes the difference, and the seminar made be re-address knowledge I already have and has given me a kick up the backside to focus on what really matters.

Malene van Hauen - Managing Director

Chrisanne Ltd

Bruce taught us an invaluable amount about ourselves and our untapped potential. He gave us the tools to effectively set and achieve our goals.

Francis West and Colin Phipps, Co-directors

The Millionaires Business Club

Dear Bruce, many thanks for your fabulous conference at the IoD last week. The last sales training of any official kind that I attended was some twenty four years ago so it was with a mixed measure of anticipation and trepidation that I started the day with. I found your presentations both ‘easy on the ear’ and interesting and was reassured to discover that some of the ground that you covered I already put into practice, albeit some of it unconsciously until you highlighted it in your presentations. I left the conference with renewed self confidence and with some great ideas, elements of which have already been put into practice in both telephone conversations and yesterday in face to face meetings. I would recommend everyone involved in sales, young and not so young alike to attend this conference and will certainly look forward to learning of any further conferences that you plan to do.

Nigel J. Hardy, MIoD International Sales & Marketing Director

The Travel Retail Business

I’m writing this email to you during normal working hours, but before you question why I would do this when I could be speaking to my clients, I just want reassure you that I’ve evaluated your ISWAT (time management technique) and have concluded that any ongoing contact with you increases my sales. I find your email updates inspirational and as powerful as any of the techniques demonstrated either by you in person or in your book. I look forward to each one and gain positive benefit with each new message.

David Vincent, Managing Director

Qube Office Interiors Limited

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