Sales Q4 2018

We have just entered the last sales quarter of 2018.

So how are you doing?

Are you confident of meeting and ideally exceeding your sales quota for 2018?

Are you ahead right now? If so congratulations, and keep up the great work.

Are you on target? If so, great but do not get complacent.

And if you are behind, it’s time to ramp up your efforts – BIG TIME!

Thomas Edison, the great American businessman and inventor of the light bulb, amongst many other things, said:

“If we only DID all the things we are already capable of, we would astound ourselves”.

DOING is everything. I know an awful lot of really smart people who sit around thinking great thoughts, and put little into action. And they achieve very little.

So if you give 100% today, and every day to year-end, to doing what you are already capable of doing, you will astound yourself too!

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