Save your day from being a sales disaster

Many years of experience working with salespeople has taught me that what they do in the first 30 minutes of every day, sets the pace for what they will do and achieve during the rest of the day.

Truly successful salespeople people know what they aim to accomplish every day, have planned how to achieve that the day before, and hit the ground running in the first thirty minutes of their working day.

In complete contrast, unsuccessful salespeople people have little or no idea what they have to do at the start of each day.

They’ll probably start with a cup of coffee and open their emails,  hoping for a message that might change their life, or at least be a confirmation of a sale. Of course, they are disappointed 99.9% of the time.

They’ll shuffle through some business cards hoping there’s someone in there who might be a prospect. And then they’ll start thinking about what they could or should do that day.

They will most likely be in that state of semi-inertia for the rest of the day and repeat that day after day.

To be a top sales performer, you must have your tomorrow planned the day before. Your To Do Today List must be prepared so you can hit the ground running in the first 30 minutes.  

When you do that, it’s so much easier to maintain that momentum throughout the day and success is guaranteed.

Was your day today planned yesterday?

If not, this evening and every evening would be a great time to start planning your tomorrows.

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