Some things HAVE changed in Sales…

If you missed my previous Blog on what has NOT changed in sales, it was titled What a waste of selling time!

BUT some things have changed…

14 years ago Google and other major search engines became mainstream.

Before then, prospects knew very little about you and what you sold and it was hard to find that information.

And you knew very little about your prospects without some considerable and sometimes difficult research.


It is quite likely that before agreeing to a meeting with you or soon after they have, most prospects will have checked out you and your company online.

And if they had the slightest interest in your product or service, they will also have checked out your competitors.

So if you have managed to book a meeting, whether face to face, via Skype, FaceTime or telephone, there is only going to be one major differentiator between you and your competition, and that is…


Which means you need to:

– Have the skills to establish instant rapport with everyone you meet
– Be able to ask the relevant questions to help you discover the problems you can solve for your prospects and the opportunities you can help them exploit

– Present your solutions in such a professional way that you do not get objections and do not have to close the sale, and…
– Deal with objections and stalls if you do get them and close the sale.

More than ever before – it is up to YOU!

There is still a fortune to be made in sales – just so long as you have the relevant professional selling skills.

Are you 100 per cent sure you are up to it?

If not, I am here to help. Call me on 01923 859977. It is good to speak.


Bruce King

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