Some thoughts on Failure and Success…

Fail More and Fail Fast

I am the first to admit I have failed frequently and I am grateful for it.

So many people have a fear of failing that they do not even try. Aside from the failure itself, they are afraid of seeming foolish or being embarrassed by their failure, and so they do not take the risk.

But failure is great. Without failures, we cannot be stepping outside of our comfort zones. Without failures, we can never learn what works and what does not. Without failure we cannot be a great success.

The people and the companies that have achieved the greatest success are those same people and companies that failed the most and failed Fast.
They make fast, calculated decisions, they take the risk and they win far more often than they fail. You too need to fail to win. And the faster you fail, the faster you win.

To put it another way, the greatest risk you take in life is not taking risks at all.

And the best way to improve your success rate is through small, continuous steps, what I call the “1% Wins”.

If you improve your health only 1% each day for the next 30 days, you will see a 30% increase in that dimension of your life in only 1 month. Same for every other area of your life, from your relationships to your career and especially your sales skills.

Can you make those little improvements in the areas most in need of improvement? Absolutely you can!

So go on then.

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