Summer time can be great for selling…

The recent weather has hardly inspired me to don a pair of shorts and a T Shirt. Never the less, summer is with us and the holiday season is approaching fast. So it is time for a Seasonal Warning.

Too often I hear salespeople tell me that decision makers and other prospects are more difficult to contact during the holiday period than the rest of the year and so they ease up on their prospecting and follow up of prospects in their sales funnel during the summer months. If you have a tendency to do this, consider the following:

  • The annual summer holiday for most people is no more than two weeks – not two months. The rest of the time, they are in the office.
  • Prospects without children often take their holidays later in the year when prices are lower, so they will still be available to speak with.
  • Decision makers also sometimes think that most salespeople are away for two months and are less wary of unexpected calls. You are therefore more likely to get to speak with them.
  • Gatekeepers, PAs and secretaries also take holidays, so you may find it easier to get through to a prospect. Often at these times, your prospect / decision maker may be taking calls themselves.
  • In some business sectors, business does slow down during the summer months and your prospect may be less busy and therefore be more inclined to speak with you. If you are selling something that can help them do more business or do business more profitably, they are even more likely to speak with you.
  • Assuming the weather is bright and sunny, people are normally in a better mood and more likely to have the patience and good will to take your call and / or make an appointment.
  • If they are on holiday, and your reason for calling is sufficiently compelling, you may be able to book an appointment with them through their PA. To find out how to create really compelling cold calling and appointment setting scripts, check out my e book Telephone Sales & Appointment Setting – How To Become World Class.

Make the decision to make the summer months a great prospecting and selling period – there are no excuses or reasons not to.

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