Some thoughts on Failure and Success…

Posted on December.06.2018 by Bruce King

Fail More and Fail Fast I am the first to admit I have failed frequently and I am grateful for it. So many people have a fear of failing that they do not even try. Aside from the failure itself, they are afraid of seeming foolish or being embarrassed by their failure, and so they […]

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Does this happen to you?

Posted on July.13.2018 by Bruce King

It is a frequent challenge salespeople, and indeed anyone who is partially or fully responsible for generating new business has to face: PROSPECTS SAY ‘NO’ TO THEIR APPROACHES OR PROPOSALS That’s sales for you! And there could be so many explanations / reasons this is happening to you and which you may need to work […]

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Are you a smart ass salesperson?

Posted on January.28.2018 by Bruce King

Nobody likes a smart ass. And especially a slick, smart ass salesperson. You may not think you are coming across as a slick smart ass, but it’s so easy to appear so, and for you to be misinterpreted. For example:  A prospect has a concern and one you have heard so many times before, and […]

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Nothing and everything to do about sales

Posted on July.03.2017 by Bruce King

I found this quite wonderful, as did General Douglas MacArthur. It was written by Samuel Ullman, an American businessman, poet and humanitarian, back in the 1800s … “Youth is not a time of life; it is a state of mind; it is not a matter of rosy cheeks, red lips and supple knees; it is […]

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How to become a Sales Superstar…

Posted on June.16.2016 by Bruce King

Last week I was interviewed by a journalist from a major UK newspaper. She asked me: “In one sentence Bruce, in less than 30 seconds, what does someone have to do to become a sales super star?” I write best selling books on the subject and deliver sales seminars and sales master classes in 18 […]

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Think And Grow Sales

Posted on November.09.2015 by Bruce King

Just released – Think And Grow Sales 52 Sales And Motivational Prompts To Think About, Work On, Act Upon And Grow Your Sales Massively Do you want to ‘Grow Your Sales’ – massively? This is much more than just a book. Follow Bruce King’s advice, precisely as he shows you how to. THINK about what […]

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Follow up sales prospects frequently…

Posted on December.05.2014 by Bruce King

Follow up sales prospects – especially when you do not win the appointment or sale…

 So what happens when you fail to make an appointment when calling a prospect of fail to sell at a meeting, whether by telephone, Skype or other conferencing facility, or face to face? My strategy is to always follow up […]

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Are your cold telephone calls to a potential customer or client often blocked by a receptionist, PA or other person?

Posted on August.31.2014 by Bruce King

As is much of what I write and speak about, the solution to this challenge has as much to do with attitude as sales skills Many salespeople use the term Gatekeeper when referring to such a person. The challenge with that thinking is the moment you encounter them, you think of them as the enemy […]

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How to get as many sales referrals as you want next week…

Posted on July.18.2014 by Bruce King

What to say and what to do… Bruce King I have taught this strategy for gaining referrals to many thousands of salespeople and without exception, it has worked for those who put this into practice. Will you? What to do: Set aside at least one hour a day, preferably first thing in the morning. Have […]

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“How are you today” – UGH!!!

Posted on March.29.2014 by Bruce King

Recently, I’ve received an increasing number of cold calls from salespeople who have the ultimate intention of selling me something or setting an appointment to sell me something but who start their call with How are you today Bruce followed soon after by This is NOT a sales call. Maybe you have received similar calls. […]

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