Dr Lisa Turner- CEO Psycademy

“Well – I didn’t like it. I LOVED IT!! Bruce’s latest book “Telephone Sales and Appointment setting” is – just as it says on the cover “world class”. I’ve read a fair few sales and marketing books and this one is exceptional. It is simple and easy to read. It has NO waffle, gets right to the core of the issues facing those who want (or don’t want) to make cold calls. I dare you to read this and NOT feel motivated, inspired and ready to pick up the phone.

I found the worksheets on time management and the results monitor particularly valuable. I also loved the conversation scripts and the section on handling objections is very useful. This book stands out because it really offers something that little bit different, even de-bunks some of the bunkum around sales.

In my work supporting great coaches to become successful coaches, I find they resist cold calling and will do almost anything to avoid picking up the phone and speaking to people. This is a book I will definitely be recommending to them.”

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