Texting, emailing and messaging could be losing you business…


We’ve all seen it; people hunched over their cellphones or tablets, emailing, texting, messaging, or reading those sent to them, and oblivious to almost everything around them. They do it on public transport, in their homes or offices,  and often they are involved in these activities whilst meeting with and even in conversation with others.  The really foolish ones do it whilst driving and when walking across the road without even looking for oncoming traffic! I’ve nearly run over a few recently.

Like me, I guess you too are sometimes astonished by it, and yet may also be guilty of it too.

The problem is that texting and emailing becomes a habit, and if you are in sales, or indeed any aspect of running a business, it’s a very bad habit indeed.

Last week I was waiting to board an aeroplane at Terminal 5, Heathrow, flying off for a speaking gig in Spain. It was about twenty minutes to boarding and my cellphone Pinged me. I had a message.

It was from a director of a company asking if I was available for a keynote presentation on a particular date, and could I email them with some suggestions on a suitable topic.

I could have composed an email as requested, sent some suggestions, and no doubt that would have lead to several more back and forth. And I’m quite certain I was not the only speaker they were contacting. So instead…


John answered the telephone immediately and expressed real and pleasant surprise that I had responded and called him so quickly, rather than emailing him back. We had an eleven-minute conversation. On the basis of that call, he confirmed he wanted to book me and I had my PA send him our booking form immediately.

If I had not made that call, who knows what might have happened, or not happened?

People do business with people, not texts, messages or emails, so whenever somebody contacts you or you are going to contact them:


Some very surprising, pleasant and profitable things are likely to happen as a result.

They are most unlikely to happen via any other medium.




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