The 7 questions…

It is so easy to forget the basics of selling – we all do it sometimes, so here is a polite reminder of what is essential to cover in a sales presentation.

The following are seven questions that all potential purchasers want answers to, whether they are consciously aware of these or not. So do make sure you cover them all:

  1. What is it you do?
  2. Who else do you do it for?
  3. How do you do it?
  4. Why do you do it?
  5. What problems can you help me solve that I either did not know I had, or knew I had but had given up on finding a solution to?
  6. What opportunities will your product or service help me exploit?
  7. What makes you different to and / or better than your competition?

Be prepared to cover all of these with confidence, clarity and professionally and you will make more sales.

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