The most amazing way to start your day – every day!

What might it be like for you if you had the opportunity to be coached for fifteen to twenty minutes every morning by one of the world’s greatest experts in your field?

What results might you get from that during the rest of the day if you applied what they taught you?

What would you pay for that?

The great news is that the cost is NOTHING!

Just log on to You Tube, type in a relevant key word or phrase in the search box – select a video, watch and learn.

I absolutely guarantee you that if you do this every morning, every day will bring you closer to achieving your goals. Just do it! Make the time. Get up fifteen to twenty minutes earlier than you normally do, make yourself a cup of coffee or green tea, search, sit back in front of your device, listen, watch and get inspired to have an absolutely amazing day.

I still do it every day. Will you? How about starting right now!?

Don’t know where to start – well maybe just type in Bruce King in the search box, OR…

Some of my favorites:

Tony Robbins – YES!

Napoleon Hill – I learned so much from him early on in my career but I’m definitely not as old as he was

Les Brown – superb!

Jeffrey Gitomer – you decide if his sales approach will work for you.

Max Soderpalm (only in Swedish – great stuff if you are Swedish)

This one:  Don Draper is just so cool – and dangerous – But I LOVE it – hence the link

And there are thousands more –

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