The only way to START your day

Most of us live rather hectic lives and we are frequently bombarded by an array of distractions, which can get in the way of us achieving our goals. So here’s how to start your day – every day…

Preparation starts the day before…

Create a list of the three most important things you need to do which will move you toward achieving your most important goals.

Re-list them in order of importance and make a note of the time you need to allocate to these to complete them. Allocate that time in your diary.

Have everything you need readily available for each task and those needed for the first task ready in the workspace you will be operating from first thing the following day.

START your day by working on that most important task first. Complete that before anything else, and that most definitely means NOT opening your emails and NOT allowing any interruptions of any kind. When that task is complete, congratulate yourself, take a break, carry out some more trivial tasks, check your email, return calls etc., and then…

Move on to the second task on your list and repeat the process over until all three have been completed.

Prepare for the following day.



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