The present economic climate – don’t buy in!

I don’t bury my head in the sand and so continue to listen to the news on the radio, catch some of it on TV and read the occasional newspaper. When I see what many experts have to say about the economy, I think that for many people it is a bit like being stung by a deadly scorpion. The sting itself doesn’t kill you but the poison seeping through your veins and arteries could well do if you don’t get an antidote fast. It can most definitely have a damaging effect on your personal motivation, your sales team and indeed the entire organization and maybe worse still – your customer’s motivation to buy from you! I know because I’ve seen it happen before in times like these.

In today’s economy, there is far too much negativity and far too many people moaning and groaning about how terrible things are, how we should be prepared for even worse, how everything that could go wrong – will go wrong, and why there is little or nothing you can do about it.

Spending time focusing on what you CAN do, what successful people ARE doing and sharpening your motivation, sales and business skills is the perfect antidote to the economic sting many are feeling.

There are plenty of people out there doing very well indeed. It’s the same wherever I go. In the last three months I’ve spoken in the USA, India, Israel, Russia, Spain, Brazil, Germany, Holland, Ireland and of course the UK. Some people are just doing more business by working harder, keeping totally focused and staying upbeat. By doing so they also transfer their enthusiasm to others. Some people are doing more business by thinking more creatively, and other people are creating new businesses when much of what they have been doing has not been working as well as they had hoped. These people all have one thing in common and it’s something I’ve mentioned before as also being my personal philosophy….

They refuse to take part in the recession!

How about you?

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