What is different about Norwegians?

Aside from the fact they are Norwegians, that might seem like a daft question, so let me explain.

Three months ago I delivered a half-day master class to 125 business owners and top salespeople in Oslo.

In the weeks since, I have had 75 emails from people who attended.

All 75 said they had put into practice the main success strategy I was teaching them. They all claimed to be amazed at the extraordinary results they got from implementing this one strategy, and many sent me details of what they have achieved.

The results were impressive indeed.

I’ve taught this strategy in many other countries, and never had such a high percentage of people mail me after a presentation, with such positive comments.

I do not know what’s different about Norwegians,  but I do know that if you put this strategy into practice, you too would get similar results.

And unlike the Norwegians who paid rather a lot of money to attend, you can learn this one strategy for free – with my compliments.

Here is the link

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