When and when not to be a sales consultant…

I see so many salespeople spending much of their time presenting the benefits of their product or service, preparing detailed proposals, arranging demonstrations and more.

Frequently this is all done without gaining any prior commitment from the potential customer to do business with them if they are satisfied. It is called unpaid consulting and not a recommended sales strategy. To put it bluntly it is a complete waste of time.

There is however a time to become a consultant and that is when you have a definite NO and the sale is not going to go ahead. Here is what you can say…

“Well now that is over, may I take my sales hat off and let’s just imagine that you have hired me as a consultant and are paying me to solve those problems we have been discussing. I know my solution works and I know with one hundred per cent certainty that my suggestions are the right thing for you to do. So as your consultant I am asking you to go ahead. Will you do that?”

As your consultant, I am recommending you use this technique. You have nothing to lose do you?

So will you?

Bruce King

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