Why do people waste time?

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Last Thursday, I presented my How To Double Your Sales one-day Seminar at The Institute of Directors. This was the sixteenth year in a row I had been asked by the IOD to present this and, as usual, it was sold out. And NO! It is not a catchy title to sell tickets to the event. My strategies really do work for those who implement them.

Wherever I present this one-day seminar, I always ask the audience to take part in an anonymous survey. I ask them to write down on a small piece of paper, as a percentage of their working day, how much time they admit to wasting or allow others to waste for them. I collect these and read out a few, just as an example of ineffective time management. The rest are taken back to my office and analysed by my PA. We have collected over thirty five thousand of these over the last few years and the following are the results to date:

Four percent admit to wasting less than ten percent of their time.

Twenty-six percent admit to wasting between ten percent and twenty-five percent of their time.

Forty-five percent admit to wasting between twenty-six and fifty percent of their time, and

Twenty-five percent admit to wasting more than fifty percent of their time. Many of these are in the seventy to eighty percent bracket.

Why do people waste so much of their time?

There can be many reasons, but in my opinion, the most likely has to do with the lack of inspiring goals. When people have inspiring goals that will make a huge difference to their lives when they are achieved, they would surely never waste up to eighty percent of their time. Instead they would get up early and commit almost every moment of their working day to achieving those goals and enjoying every step of that journey.

If you do not have inspiring goals, or are not achieving your goals, or need help to achieve those goals, check out Smash Your Goals here

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