Why you should outlaw ‘Sales Targets’

arrowQuestion: What happens when an arrow hits a target?

Answer: It stops dead.



Early in my twenty five year experience of running my own sales teams and coaching salespeople for other companies, here is what I noted happened when salespeople are given ‘sales targets’…

Most salespeople stop  or slow down dramatically when they have hit it

Many slow down when they are getting near it and, as  a result,  often fall short

Very few have the power or drive to keep going, penetrate the target and go even further

The other challenge with the words ‘sales target’ is that it has a subconscious and non-positive association.

Think about firing an arrow at a target.

You take aim and fire and you are aware  you may either hit the target or miss it.

The same goes for SALES TARGETS. So why create or allow doubt?

So what to do instead? 

This is what I did, still do and what I have encouraged many of my clients to do. The results are usually quite dramatic…

I replace ‘sales targets’ with MINIMUM ACCEPTABLE SALES PERFORMANCE.

Result: A total change of mindset

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