Will doubling your sales make you happy?

If you are not happy right now, then it is very unlikely you are going to be happy when you have doubled your sales and you are not going to be happy while you are on your way to achieving that goal. Unhappy people tend to be non-positive, less inclined to action and often tend to see the worst in every situation rather than the best. Unhappy people also tend to use the expression ‘I need’ rather than I want. It’s great to want more, but it’s not OK to need more.

For example, you may want a nicer home, but you do have a roof over your head right now and many people do not. You may want a more prestigious car, but you do have the four wheels you need to get you around to see all those customers you are going to be selling to. You may want to be able to afford much more expensive designer clothes to wear, but I’m assuming you have some nice smart ones anyway. Are you getting the picture now?

If you are not really happy, here is an exercise that I would like you to do right now or at the earliest opportunity. It is one that I have people carry out in my personal development workshops and it can really make you feel a lot happier than you have been for a very long time.

Take a large sheet of paper and write at across the top of the page: Reasons for me to be happy right now. Take a close look at every area of your life; your work, your relationships, your home, your hobbies and everything else that comes to mind and make a long list of everything you have got to be happy about in each of these areas.

When you have finished that list, read it and then place it in a plastic folder . Keep it with you and add to it as you identify other things that make you happy. And any time you don’t feel happy, just take it out and read it again.

There’s another advantage to being happy. Happy people tend to smile , people like people who smile and of course people buy from people they like.

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