Winning Sales Referrals

Would you too like to be generating 80% or more of your new business from Referrals? Thousands of others do and you can too with ‘Winning Sales Referrals’  – A step by step process for winning all the sales you could ever want, just from referrals.

Paperback Book.

Do you want to be doing more business, more easily and more profitably than ever before? Do you want to avoid cold calling? Bruce King has been called ‘The Referrals Master’ and in this powerful book he shares his very best tips with you for gaining all the new business you could ever want through a systematic approach to asking for and receiving Sales Referrals.

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“I have just done a campaign based on your fantastic book ‘Winning Sales Referrals’ and it has had superb results with some people providing as many as 24 referrals.”
Alex McBarnet. CEO The Bushcraft Company

Chapter Headings

Introduction – Why Sales Referrals?

Chapter 1. Sales Referrals – The Essential Mathematics
Chapter 2. Are You Referable?
Chapter 3. Why Do You Not Ask For Referrals?
Chapter 4. Perfect Prospect Profiling
Chapter 5. When & How To Ask For Referrals  – Part 1
Chapter 6. When & How To Ask For Referrals  – Part 2
Chapter 7. How To Say ‘Thank You’ For Referrals
Chapter 8. ‘Thank You’ Events & ‘Referral’ Events
Chapter 9. How To Approach Referrals
Chapter 10 Passive Referral Strategies
Chapter 11. Networking
Chapter 12.  You Too Can Become A Referrals Master

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