You are right – it may not work!

As well as working with salespeople and sales teams, for much of my time I am also involved with my SME clients helping them to grow their businesses.

I also spend more time than I would like and sometimes get more than a little frustrated that I have to coax them out of their negative thinking patterns.

Here is a typical scenario and it’s just as relevant to anyone in sales as it is to a business owner:

They have a plan – we worked on it, we agreed on the outcomes we are targeting and HOW they are going to achieve them. We have looked at the challenges they are likely to face and how to overcome them. And then it starts…

But what if this ….?

But what if that ….?

But suppose that doesn’t work?

But what about the economy?

But maybe this…?

But maybe that…”

But, but, but, but ….

Give me a break – either do it or do not do it. It is that simple.

If you do not do it – of course it will not work.

If you do it, yes you may have some challenges. Some things will not always work out quite the way we planned. So what? That is life! If that way does not work as well as we would like, we will find another way that does. We’ll go over or under or around those challenges. And we will overcome them.

If you wait until everything is absolutely perfect and is one hundred per cent guaranteed to work, I have news for you – You will have a long wait!

My focus is plain and simple. I focus on why things CAN work, SHOULD work,  are MOST LIKELY to work and HOW to make them work. I minimize the risks and focus on the positive outcomes and how to achieve them. And if we need to adjust the plan as we go along, that is what we will do.

Coming at the situation from a salesperson’s point of view, if we only went on appointments with people who we are one hundred per cent certain would buy, we would not be going on very many appointments and we would not be making many sales.  So if you run a business that employs salespeople or you are a business owner and have to sell, think about what you or they HAVE to do when selling.

But, but, but – of course you a right. It may not work!  So why bother?

Well don’t then – your choice.

As I have said many times before, there are two types of people in this world, those who think they can and those who think they cannot. And they are both right.

How will you be thinking from now on?

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