YOU only have one USP…

One of the exercises I sometimes take delegates through in sales master classes is to ask them to list the USPs of their product or service. Sometimes this exercise is done individually and other times it’s brainstormed in groups.

When they have completed this first exercise, I then ask them to imagine they are now working for their main competitor and to list their USPs. Usually and after only quite a short period of time, they realise that what they thought were their USPs were in fact no different to those of their competitor’s. In other words they do not have a USP.

The fact is  that in today’s highly competitive world, it’s quite unusual to have a product or service that’s totally unique and has little or no competition. So that blows the whole concept of USP out of the window does it not? Or does it? The clue is in the title of this item. It starts with the word YOU in capital letters. YOU are unique. The way YOU present your product or service can be unique. The care and attention YOU offer your customers and clients can be unique. YOU can make buying from YOU on a one off or ongoing basis a totally unique experience. It’s up to YOU to be your USP.

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